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Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy is fast becoming one of the most sought after therapies due to it's ability to facilitate fast and transformational change for most issues. With Axiom Academy you could be helping clients within months and building an incredibly rewarding business with an expanding market.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic technique that utilises hypnosis in the treatment of specific symptoms or health conditions. By inducing a hypnotic state, this allows people to experience detached external attention and to focus on their inner experiences. 

Hypnotherapy has a vast number of uses, both physically and psychologically. Whether it is part of a treatment plan for phobias and pain conditions, or used to treat skin conditions, weight loss, or smoking cessation – it has a variety of applications. 

However, therapeutic uses for hypnosis have not always sustained the same credibility. Since its initial exploration within the late 1700s, modern researchers have now progressed the field by exploring contemporary applications of hypnosis, which conditions it can treat, and how effective it may be compared to other treatments.


What our students think of the course

Susan Watson

I really loved Charlotte’s teaching style. Relaxed, confident, funny and of course, knowledgeable and passionate about her subject. Charlotte’s personality shines through making me feel relaxed. Charlotte has a natural way to make people feel important and capable, patient and light hearted. Charlotte is so passionate about her subject and welcomes sharing her knowledge to help others succeed. I always felt relaxed and really looked forward to the teaching sessions.

Helen Hannah

Let me tell you this is not an opportunity to be missed. I started this training in January and the changes I am experiencing personally are just incredible. My confidence is soaring and the results I am getting with my coaching clients are mind blowing - literally. I feel like I've found my purpose in life and it feels amazing. Charlotte is such a fantastic teacher, her passion is evident. The training is well structured and informative but there is always time for group discussion and we got to practice with the sessions. If this is something that you are interested in my advice would be JUST DO IT!!! I promise you will not regret investing in yourself, and Charlotte is the best mentor helping me to grow my business and ultimately earn back the course fees - it's a no brainer

Lou Hynes

I took Charlottes course at the end of last year and loved every minute. Charlotte is a great teacher, explaining things in a clear and visual way (with her love of metaphors!) that makes it easy to digest and understand. She's authentic and true to herself too which is important in a teacher. Charlotte gave her all to the course I took and I've recommended her to a few of my friends.

    Upcoming Study Dates

    October 2023 (weekends) Edwinstowe, Notts

    7th and 8th October 2023 - Module One 

    11th and 12th November 2023 - Module Two 

    9th and 10th December 2023 - Module Three 

    13th and 14th January 2024 - Module Four 

    10th and 11th February 2024 - Module Five 

    9th and 10th March 2024 - Module Six   

    13th and 14th April 2024 2024 - Module Seven 

    11th and 12th May 2024 - Module Eight 

    8th and 9th June 2024 - Module Nine 

    6th July - Module Ten 

    7th July GRADUATION!!!!

    March 2024 (weekends) Edwinstowe, Notts

    2nd and 3rd March 2024 - Module One 

    23rd and 24th March 2024 - Module Two 

    27th and 28th April 2024 - Module Three 

    125th and 26th May 2024 - Module Four 

    22nd and 23rd June 2024 - Module Five 

    27th and 28th July 2024 - Module Six   

    24th and 25th August 2024 2024 - Module Seven 

    21st and 22nd September 2024 - Module Eight 

    26th and 27th October 2024 - Module Nine 

    23rd November - Module Ten 

    24th November GRADUATION!!!!

    February 2024 (Online) via Zoom video conferencing

    Weekly on Wednesdays 6pm - 8pm 

    Starting 28th February 2024

    Listen to Free Hypnosis Audios Here


    Listen to Free Audios Here


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