26 Jul

Are you interested in clinical hypnotherapy, but don’t know where a career will take you? 

Pursuing a career in hypnotherapy can be hugely rewarding, helping people to make positive changes to their health, lifestyles and behaviour. 

However, while there is a lot of information regarding training in hypnotherapy, there is not so much regarding its potential and the future careers that come with it… This is where we come in to help today! 

What does it entail?

A career in hypnotherapy can see you making a genuine difference in people’s lives, utilising a wide range of techniques to create beneficial change. It’ll be a process between you and your client, one that will bring great positivity for both of you! 

Day-to-day tasks will vary depending on whether you are self employed or decide to work in a therapy clinic. In general, you will be setting up appointments – which entail the following: 

  • Discussing your client’s medical and social history 
  • Suggesting a course of treatment 
  • Pursuing said treatment by putting client into a hypnotic state
  • Making positive suggestions and reporting/reviewing progress

What can you expect? 

Depending on your employment status (self or employed), you can work the hours that suit you. You could also expect to work out of hours evenings and weekends to accommodate full time workers that cannot attend a session in normal hours. 

As with a lot of careers, the salary is variable but depends on how hard you want to work. Hourly rates can range from £40 to £150, depending on location, experience and treatment. 

How will we guide you on the journey? 

One key aspect that sets Axiom Academy apart from other hypnotherapy training, is our dedication to helping you succeed. Students often struggle to create a successful career as they lack the right knowledge to do so – not with us! 

As a standard, we offer an online business training course, and student support post-graduation. We endeavour to be there every step of the way to help you succeed in your new field! We want to help you achieve what you originally wished for, and start a brand new successful career in clinical hypnotherapy.

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